Explore Test Scores 7th Grade

We recently took the Explore Test here at FSMS.  The following students scored a 15-19 on the Explore Test.  Way to Go!

Carolina Alfaro

Gavin Allen

Maddie Arney

Alexis Bond

Linzee Boyer

Emma Bunch

Anthony Burr

Jackson Carter

Hannah Clark

Phillip Deweese

Damitry Dong

Nicholas Dorris

Layn Durham

Jared Ellis

Cassidy Eversole

Riley Ferguson

Anne Forshee

Brennon Forshee

John Gahagan

Hayley Garrison

Tyler Grace

Mikayla Gregory

Fallon Griffin

Colin Grimes


Meadow Hall

Haley Hardcastle

Ben Harris

Brock Hastings

Hannah Henderson

Katie Henderson

Austin Hines

Sara James

Chase Johnson

Taylor Keith

Quinn Kelly

Kaylyn Kent

Deacon Knievel

Danyelle Like

Hallie Lindsey

Brendan Mayo

Natalie McAbee

Dayanara Mendivil Vallejo

Erika Moody

Makayla Nelson

Sean O’Dell

Cameron Pedigo

Meredith Raby

Joshua Ramirez

Mackenzie Reece

Carlos Renovato

Haley Rhodes

Bailey Rippy

Tristan Roberts

Caelan Robey

Kaleb Rogers

Landon Rogers

Elena Salvador

Emma Schlosser

Hunter Scott

Jillian Sevilla

Kinsey Sharp

Dakota Short

Lillian Spears

Rylie Spears

Madalyn Squires

Jamie Stewart

Justin Stewart

Justin Todd

Kristian Vidal

Emily Wallace

Luke Webb

Parker Whitney

Caroline Yates


The following students scored a 20-25 on the Explore Test.  This is outstanding!

Christina Alderson

Abby Bills

Hannah Cole

Logan Ford

Haley Leach

Hunter Sutton

John Williams


October Leaders of the Month!

Congrats to our October Leaders of the Month!  We will be recognizing these students at the Leadership Luncheon on October 31, 2014.

Seyan Perry

Hunter Owens

Kadyn Lowe

Elena Salvador

Abby Bills

Connor Rogers

Nick McDermott

Katie Hunter

Chase Johnson

Fasharra Payne

Chase Sadler

 Ayla Massey

 Carly Bush

Hunter Gregory

Ashlee Moore

Elijah Cruz

A True Win-Win

We had a great example of the habit Think Win-Win here at FSMS!  At a recent related arts rewards day, students were playing dodgeball.  For the final match, the Elite 8 (our top 8 athletes in the class) took on everyone else in the related arts classes.  The match came down to just two students left taking on the Elite 8.  One member of the Elite 8 team gently tossed the ball to one of the students on the other team, and he told them to catch the ball.  The boy was then out of the game.  The rest of the team followed that one individual until the entire Elite 8 group was out.
We have held these dodgeball matches four times a year for several years, and this has never happened.  We are so proud of our students for thinking win-win

September Leaders of the Month!

Congratulations to our September Leaders of the Month!  The Leadership Luncheon to recognize these students will take place on September 25th at 11:00.  Steven Thurmond will be the guest speaker this month. Keep up the great work!

Hailey Brandon

Nathan Randolph

Ricky Nealy

Bailey Allen

Dalton Fiveash

Grace McMillan

Caelan Robey

Bailey Rippy

Jacob Curtis

Emily Schmieder

Alex Jacobs

Isabelle McDermott

Haley Leach

Logan Ford

Delila Evans

A.J. Burr

Poppy’s Field Trip!

FSMS won this week’s Poppy’s Field Trip sponsored by WBKO and Flora Templeton Stuart!  Today was our assembly.  It was exciting, and the kids really enjoyed the pep rally.  It involved some dancing by a few teachers/administrators, interactions with Poppy, and pouring ice water on Mr. Delk! We are now in a drawing for $2,000 to spend on leadership initiatives here at FSMS!   

Students and teachers getting a pic with Poppy!

Students and teachers getting a pic with Poppy!

Mr. Delk preparing for the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Mr. Delk preparing for the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Mr. Delk during the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Mr. Delk during the Ice Bucket Challenge!

August Leaders of the Month!

Our first round of Leaders of the Month has been announced!  We are so proud of the students, and they will be recognized at the Leadership Luncheon on August 29th.  Congratulations to all of these students!

August Leaders of the Month

Dalton Hunter

Natalie McAbee

Aiden Bowles

Laura Tomas

Jacob Johns

DeMarco Chatman

Hallie Anna Lindsey

Ryan Shaw

Katlyn Barnes

Kaylee Barnes

Shawn Ramsey

Tristan Schornak

Laila Bunton

Dylan Adams

Selena Lewis

Addie Boyd