FSMS Leadership Day!

On April 15th, we held our first Leadership Day.  We had 161 visitors from around the state here at FSMS to see all of our “GREATNESS.”  The visitors were here to see all of the work we have been doing with Leader in Me.  The students did an awesome job greeting, speaking, and presenting; they were a key part in the success of our first Leadership Day.  The comments we received were complimentary of the students and staff at FSMS.  Many even noted that this was the best Leadership Day they have ever attended.  This is a huge honor for our school and our community.  Below you will see a few pictures captured throughout the day.


Cade Harvey started the day off with an excellent Welcome for all of our visitors.


Kalee Andrews shared her testimony about Leader in Me.


Hannah Foltz, Maddie Arney, and Kaylyn Kent presented about Battle of the Books.


Avoe Fraser shared how the Leader in Me will help her transition to high school.


Students performed FSMS’s Leader in Me rap written by our very own, Susie Lucas.


Hunter Sutton talked about the impact Leader in Me has had on him this year.


As you can see, we had a full gymnasium!


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