September Leadership Luncheon

Each team chooses one male and one female student to be their “Leader of the Month.”  At the end of the month, those students get to attend a leadership luncheon.  There is always a guest speaker from the community as well. This month we were honored to have Mr. Steve Thurmond who gave a very motivational speech about leadership.  He emphasized the fact that a leader is someone who makes sure that everyone is involved and can contribute in some way; they bring out the best in others.  Students also received a certificate for being selected by their teachers.  Congrats to all of the Leaders of the Month!  Also a big thanks to all parents who attended as well!  It’s great to see so much support from parents and community members.  We appreciate Mr. James Mooneyhan showing his support today as well.  He and Mr. Thurmond are a huge asset to this community.

September Leaders of the Month

  • Team Hope- Syndi Meadows and Conner Rogers
  • Team Perseverance- Katie Bunch and Eric Amburgey
  • Team Integrity- Tianna Carver and Evan Sopko
  • Team Honor- Katlyn Barnes and Garrett Krantz
  • Team Courage- Amanda Frye and Aaron Wade
  • Team Respect- Bailey Buckner and Treyvon Dunn
  • Team Diversity- Emeri Harris and TJ Hollars
  • Team Caring- Kayla Lillard and Rick Nealy


September Luncheon


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